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FAA transmitter at the Mankato airport not working properly

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MANKATO, Minn. -

A transmitter at the Mankato Regional Airport used for sending data to the National Weather Service is not working correctly.
The device is owned by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). While officials say there's no safety concerns involved, the breakdown is creating other issues.
It's not affecting pilots, but officials say a transmitter box owned by the FAA is creating a different impact.
"The system is not connecting up with the National Weather Service and reporting that information through the National Weather Service," said Mark Knoff, City of Mankato director of public works.
The Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) is owned and controlled by the FAA. It measures windspeed and temperature. The system is still working, but the transmitter to the National Weather Service is not.

"Pretty much everything in that entire site is the FAA's responsibility, we don't maintain anything on the actual AWOS system itself," said Knoff.
As far as fixing the AWOS transmitter box so it can send reading, the Federal Aviation Administration said in an email to News 12, quote 'The FAA does not have plans to make the repairs to enable this secondary function.'
That function affects TV stations as well.
"The effect that it has is that we don't get the automatic temperature updates on our weather maps for all evening newscasts, not only at this TV station, but any TV station in the country who wants to show the automated temperature report for Mankato," said Mark Tarello, News 12 chief meteorologist.
The last temperature and windspeed transmission from the airport was on February 26th, according to Tarello.