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Sequestration Effects At A Local Level

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With Minnesota receiving little federal funding in comparison to the rest of the county and most of the cuts taking place at the state and federal level, Blue Earth County Administrator Bob Meyer says the cuts will likely not trickle down to counties as much as you might think. Meyer says, "At this point they're not giving any clarity around when we'll know for sure."

He says he is still waiting for more information on how the sequestration will apply to the county, but expects a 5 to 7 percent cut in the title XX grant. A grant that provides 370,000 dollars to social services like WIC and public housing. Meyer says, "I think we have mechanisms that we can implement that will allow the services to continue but making reductions in areas that wont impact direct service."

Because nonprofit's like MVAC and MRCI receive more federal grants, Meyer says he's more concerned about the ripple effects those cuts will have on the county. Meyer says, "If they have less services to provide people in our community those folks may find their way to the county as the final safety net."

Meyer says until he hears more from state and federal officials not much will change at the local level. Meyer says, "Right now we're really operating as usual and not making any major changes in our program deliver."