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Meeting To Discuss Parking Problems During Relay For Life

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During a city council meeting residents expressed concern over the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life out at Erlandson Park. American Cancer Society's Mary Cassem says, "We don't want them to be upset. We want them to come out to our relay and enjoy it for what it is."

Which is why Relay for Life organizers and Mankato City council members hosted a neighborhood meeting to address these concerns. Mankato Mayor Eric Anderson says, "I think that's what community is about is having those opportunities to get together and talk about things."

The number one issue for residents is not the noise, but rather where people are parking their cars during the all–night event at Erlandson Park. City council member Karen Foreman says, "Sometimes doing two or three little things can kind of resolve those problems and get the event on a really good even keel."

The solutions they came up with include: canvassing the area to find out which streets experience the most congestion during the event and provide no parking signs for residents as well as a number they can call if a resident has a problem with parking. Cassem says she hopes these solutions will fix the parking problem so that the fundraiser can focus on its main mission... Raising money for a cure and bringing people together to honor and remember those affected by cancer. Cassem says, "You know we're all there for the same reasons and it gives us a platform to join forces."