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Sherburn Librarian is Newest Golden Apple Winner

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The newest winner of the Golden Apple has a big heart and a big love of books.

Carole Harries from Sherburn Elementary School really cares about her kids.  As the school's librarian, front office worker, and lunch room helper, she has the unique opportunity to get to know the entire school, but what she strives to work at is to get her kids to read.

"Helping them learn to love reading has really been a huge benefit for us and you can just see it in the kids as they move through the school years here in the elementary school, so having Carole here has been wonderful," says Sherburn Elementary School Principal Dale Harbitz.

She has worked all over doing many things, but has always loved working with children, and has loved her job at Sherburn Elementary for the last thirteen years.  "It's a wonderful job for a person my age and I can sort of be the resident grandma to all these children," says Harries.

Harries was humbled by the award, but the most rewarding thing for her is watching the children grow.  "It's wonderful when you start in kindergarten and they hardly know any words and see them progress at the beginning of 1st grade probably still having trouble recognizing words and pretty soon you have these children who can [say], 'oh I can read chapter book' and I listen to them read and sure enough they can and it's just exciting to see them grow so quickly," Harries says.

She has been in charge of numerous book sales and leads reading month.  This past February, the school read over 6,400 books.

She encourages those who are similar in age to get involved.  "I just encourage anybody out there who is a senior citizen and you're feeling like, well I really need to do something with my life, to check with the school in their area about becoming a volunteer."

Receiving adulation, hugs, and the Golden Apple Award, congratulations to Carole Harries.