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Group Addresses Pedestrian Safety on Hwy 13 in Waseca

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WASECA, Minn. -

Near the Waseca Junior and Senior High School there are crosswalks to help students cross the often busy Hwy 13, and before and after school there are crossing guards in place, the problem is that students don't always stick to the designated crossing areas.

Waseca City Engineer Mark DuChene says, "Some concerned citizens emailed the city and state wondering what could be done about some pedestrian crossing issues on the state hwy."

Not so handy crosswalks have for years prompted some students to brave the traffic on Hwy 13 to get to and from school, but now that grades 4-6 have moved to the old junior high building, there are more students in the area.

Captain Kris Markeson with the Waseca Police Department says, "There is a perception that it is unsafe and so we are trying to see if there are some alternate things we can do to address the issues."

So Thursday a group of interested parties came together to brainstorm.

Markeson says, "We are looking at engineering solutions we at are looking at enforcement, we are looking at education for the children and their parents."

Many people have a hand in fixing the problem-MnDot is in charge of the Hwy, the city is responsible for infrastructure like sidewalks, enforcement is done by police, and everyone including the school wants the students safe.

MnDot South Central Toward Zero Death Coordinator Amy Roggenbuck says, "Putting crosswalks in or signals or lights, while that may help the solution or be a part of the solution, it's not the total solution and it doesn't necessarily take care of the issue."

DuChene says, "Part of the biggest solution is going to be modifying behaviors and getting kids to understand there are correct and incorrect places to be crossing the hey."

The group is looking into its options and will get together in the coming months to make a concrete plan.

About a month ago someone was hit by a car while crossing the Highway, but police say no accidents have occurred thus far involving students during school hours.