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Maverick Sports Big Business for Mankato

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The Maverick's hockey team was on the ice battling to advance in the WCHA playoffs.

And the MSU men's basketball team kicked off the division two national tournament hosting the Central Region as the top seed.

It's a big weekend of course for both the hockey and basketball teams, and also a big weekend for businesses in Mankato.

Watching his grandson out on the court Rudolph Wolf says, "He is within 39 points of high scorer for a single season."

Wolf and his wife made the 640 mile trip from Skiatook, Oklahoma to Mankato to watch their grandson, Senior Cameron McCaffrey play for the Augustana Vikings.

Wolf says, "We came in Friday afternoon and we will be here through this tournament."

Which means him and his wife are among those filling up the stands, and the local hotels this weekend.

Hilton Garden Inn Manager Steven Tacheny says, "It really helps when they make the playoffs, we are happy for them and for us because of it, it's great"

At the Hilton Garden the big sports weekend meant all rooms were booked.

Tacheny says, "Hockey and basketball obviously helps, certainly doesn't hurt."

Along with bringing their team spirit, the sports fans in town also brought their wallets to spend money at local restaurants, stores, and gas stations.

Wolf says, "Buy our meals and our gasoline."

Buffalo Wild Wings Manager Chloe Hanson says, "We wanted to be ready for this weekend especially when we knew the Mavs were going to be hosting the NCIS playoffs, we were ready to go."

At Buffalo Wild Wings downtown they have extra staff on all weekend.

Hanson says, "Last night we were on a waiting list by 530 it was great."

Whether or not the men's hockey and basketball teams walk away on top, local businesses will consider it a successful weekend.

Tacheny says, "Really it's a win–win for everybody when this happens, it is great for everybody, down town is going to feel the effects of this, so it's outstanding we love it.

As for those bringing their money to town—they say it is worth it.

Wolf says, "That's part of being a grandpa and a grandma, this is one of the joys of seeing your kids and your grand kids grow up."