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DWI Arrests On St. Patrick's Day Weekend

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Minnesota State Trooper Gabe Cornish says patrolling for impaired drivers is one of his favorite things to do, because it's a proactive approach instead of a cleanup. Cornish says, "To go out and find people before they hurt themselves or hurt somebody else because it's frustrating to get there after the fact."

The number of DWI arrest on St. Patrick's Day has increased every year for the last five years. Cornish says, "Really most people we arrest are no different from you or I."

He says the only thing most DWI arrests have in common is poor planning. Cornish says, "Don't make your plans when you're impaired or intoxicated at the end of the night make a plan ahead of time."

Even with all the Irish luck in the world Cornish says, driving drunk is a gamble. Cornish says,"Odds are going to catch up to you."

And when it catches up to you, there's no turning back. Cornish says, "It's that 15th time or 100th time or 200th time you drive drunk that something bad happens."

And when something bad does happen, it's authorities like Cornish, who have to break the news to the victims' family. Cornish says,"It's probably the worst thing you know you're ever asked to do but somebody has to go there and share that news with them"

And that's why authorities want you to drive sober so you can others can arrive alive.