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Marigold Wins Approval From North Mankato City Council

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One commenter said in his statement to the council, "This council cannot sit here, in good conscience, and break it's own laws, repeatedly for a project like this. It cannot."

A contentious issue for quite some time, and it ends on a rough note as well.

The proposal for a four story, 58-unit apartment complex on Belgrade Avenue was approved 3-2 - with council members Spears and Freyberg opposed... Steiner, Norland and Mayor Dehen in favor.

City attorney Michael Kennedy told the council that any threat of lawsuits should not weigh on their vote, and despite the opposition of former Envision 2020 co-chair Tom Hagen, the necessary majority gave Marigold II the votes it needed.
Council member Diane Norland says, "The central business district is beginning to blossom slowly. And we must keep up the momentum. This is about building for the future and not letting our fears get in the way."
Council member Billy Steiner says, "There have been studies about what we should do and how we should move forward. I'm tired of hearing that [there are not]."

Developer Van Moody looked on as the two sides fleshed out their arguments for why the project did or did not deserve a variance, whether it did or did not belong on that property for over an hour... a debate best summed up by this exchange between Kim Spears and Billy Steiner.

Spears says to Steiner, "I don't think that justifies it, but that, I will submit to you, is a matter of opinion."

Steiner replies, "Thank you."