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U.S. Debating Taking Action in Syria

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Aleppo, Syria -

The Obama administration says it is taking seriously reports that the Syrian government may have used chemical weapons. Those reports have not been confirmed, but lawmakers are debating what they think the consequences should be if the Syrian government launches a chemical attack against its own people.

Syrians flooded this hospital after a rocket attack in the Northern province of Alleppo. So far, there has been no confirmation that President Bashar Assad's forces used chemical weapons, but the regime and opposition forces have been trading accusations since Tuesday. If a chemical attack is confirmed - it could draw the U.S. deeper into the two-year-old conflict.

Some are very skeptical about getting pulled into another Mideast war others are pushing to get more help to the rebel groups fighting to overthrow the government. The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers suggested on CBS This Morning that the U.S. should consider a preemptive strike to take out Syria's chemical weapons. The Pentagon released a report saying it would take nearly 75,000 boots on the ground in Syria to remove that country's stockpiled chemical weapons.