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Mankato Enrollment

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School enrollment is on the rise in Mankato.

Incoming classes have been growing by one percent for the past ten years and this coming year looks to increase by two percent, a rate that's expected to continue for the next five years.

Showing that the area is growing, the importance is to make sure that class sizes are kept as low as possible while also trying to use building space effectively.

"We have an increased number.  As you know, our community is growing and that's why we've had the need for a brand new elementary and adding on to Eagle Lake and so we do have an increased number coming into kindergarten not only this fall, but we have over the last four and we will continue that for the next few years as well," says Superintendent of Mankato schools Sheri Allen.

The school looks at a variety of factors including birthrates in the area.  The number of incoming kindergartners has yet to be finalized.