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County Health

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Southern Minnesota counties are quite healthy when compared to the rest of the state.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute reports on all Minnesota counties for the year.

Nicollet County was ranked 16th overall in the state when it comes to health, 10th in the state when it comes to mortality.  Waseca county was 4th when it comes to mortality rates.  This shows our region is generally healthy.

Mary Hildebrandt, Director of Nicollet County Public Health says, "It also says that there are services available to our county, it says things about how we're educated and how we're doing.  But again, I would like to say that Minnesota is healthy."

There are always things to improve on.  Nicollet county has 28% of the population identified as obese, compared with 26% for the state.

Smoking was reported at 6%t, while the state average is 17%.