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Pranks calls result in lockdowns at New Prague schools

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The New Prague School District went into lockdown on Wednesday, after a 12-year-old boy allegedly made two prank calls saying there was a shooting.

Authorities say the calls were received around 8:00 A.M. Officials say no injuries were reported. After officers entered school buildings, they quickly determined it was a prank, but that doesn't mean parents weren't put on edge.

Leaving the school grounds with her son at her side, parent Janice Daniels said she received word of the incident while at work.

"I was terrified--I was just trying to prepare myself for the worst and yet think the best," she said.

Her son Aaron Daniels was in the middle school when a lockdown took place.

"First we had to go in the office, and I just thought it was a red code, a code-red drill," said Aaron Daniels, an 8th-grader. "And then later on I heard there'd been a shooting, and I didn't know if it was at the middle school or whatever."

"It was originally reported that this took place at the Middle School," said Chief Mark Vosejpka of the New Prague Police Department.

Officials say two calls were made, both saying there was a shooting and 2 people were injured.

"During the investigation...we had information, indicated to us, that it also could involve the Central Education campus," said Vosejpka.

"We were in a room where we couldn't really see anything, except for the little room that we were in, but then when we left and we had to go to the gym, we saw...there were cops everywhere," said Aaron Daniels.

However, officials say no injuries were reported, and the student behind the two prank phone calls was located.

"In this day in age, you have to take these things very seriously and we do ...and we are fortunate that it came to a closure...that it was a prank, and that we do know the responsible party," said Vosejpka.

Parents say they're relieved at the outcome, but were still on edge as they left with their kids.

"I haven't even let myself think about it being a hoax at this point, I haven't even gotten there yet, because I'm still trying to let myself come down off that rollercoaster ride I was on," said Janice Daniels.

After the incident was resolved, kids were sent home. Authorities say school will resume on Thursday at normal times.

As for the 12-year-old suspect, authorities say he was taken into custody. The district's superintendent says disciplinary action will be decided at a later date.