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Day After Hoax, New Prague Receives Bomb Threat

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The New Prague school district evacuated the middle school and Community Education Center Thursday morning after receiving a bomb threat. This, one day after a bogus shooting report at New Prague Middle School was called into 911, resulting in a lock down of the school and later the arrest of a 12-year old student

Twenty-one faculty members received a bomb threat over email.

Superintendent Larry Kauzlarich says, "The email read, 'Read now or die urgent, the New Prague middle school will be blown up in 30 minutes.'"

Kauzlarich says the emails came from someone who claimed their name was Muhammad Jihadi. The messages in part stated that bombs had been placed around the building and they would detonate within 30 minutes.

Kauzlarich says, "I thought from the time I read it, the first time that it was a hoax but that dilemma becomes what do you do. It's one of those situations you are right and wrong at the same time."

Students and staff were evacuated to the New Prague Community Center. And after officers and some staff conducted a search of the building and exterior, finding nothing suspicious, they confirmed it was a hoax.

Kauzlarich says, "We don't think this was a student, the police chief was in and he said the IP's, I think that is how it was said, were all different, he said it is possible this didn't even come from someone in the country."

About an hour after evacuating students and staff were able to return to the school and resume classes as usual.

Kauzlarich says, "This one is just cold as far as I'm concerned to react the day after we already had an incident. It's very frustrating and upsetting to people, both students and parents, to have another one.

The superintendent says the district will be evaluating the two incidences to help determine how they handle similar situations in the future.

The U.S. Marshals Service is continuing to follow up on the origin of the emails.