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SCC Welcomes New President

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South Central College welcomes its new President.
Annette Parker will take the reins of the college in July, replacing the retiring Keith Stover.

Parker comes to the state from Kentucky, where she served as the director for their automotive manufacturing program.
Annette Parker says, "I need to come and listen to all the stakeholders and have hear about what's currently going on. Where the opportunities are and then plan for how to implement the things that are going to take us to a new level."
SCC has already taken unique steps in that direction, partnering with local companies to find out exactly what they want in a workforce.
Parker says, "We do that by working together with every piece of this institution to make sure that we're preparing students to have the right skills for the right jobs and that they can compete globally."
Parker also met with students and faculty at the Faribault campus earlier in the day.