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March Madness a Tough Opponent For Mavs Hockey on TV

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MANKATO, Minn. -

It's a good thing bars have more than one TV, because you'll never get them to agree on what to watch.

"Go Mavericks."
Corey Wetter says, "We're from Mankato, but basketball all the way. It doesn't matter."

"Go Mavs... and SDSU."

Ok, you could get her to agree.

But the competing programming of March Madness and the WCHA tournament makes for competing loyalties.
Brent Pattison says, "I did fill out a bracket this year, but for right now, all attention is toward hockey."
Janaye Sjobert says, "I'm supporting the Maverick's hockey team cause I have  a lot of friends on the team. But basketball I understand more. Hockey, not so much being from South Dakota. But it's still fun to watch."

Mavs had a rough go of it this afternoon, probably still had their best season ever in Division I.
Trent Van Ort says, "I was actually really excited. I was expecting a rebuilding year with the new coach, so I'm excited they made it this far."

Either way....

"This is the greatest sports time of the year."