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Schell's Brewery Buck Killed

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NEW ULM, Minn. -

Tammy Andersen has taken care of the deer at Schell's for more than ten years. Andersen says, "You kind of get this sinking feeling. I guess what I found wasn't exactly what I expected to find."

While feeding the deer this morning she found her three–year–old whitetail buck, Dex, dead.

Brewery president Ted Marti says August Schell started raising whitetail deer back in the 1800s and is a part of the Schell family crest. Marti says, "And we've just carried that tradition forward and on every beer label you'll always find a deer somewhere on the label."

The bucks at Schell's Brewery are an important part of the company's history and culture. But Andersen says her buck was more than a symbol, he was family. Andersen says, "They are my kids the animals out here I take care of them."

Andersen says she can't understand why someone would shoot a defenseless deer. Andersen says, "He was trapped in our fence to be viewed for people to enjoy. Not to be hunted like that. Not to be destroyed."

She says until they find the person who did this is, two questions will continue to haunt her. Andersen says, "What kind of animal are they? And why?"