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Ticket Regulation Fails in MN Senate

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A bill in the Minnesota Senate that aims to increase transparency in event ticket sales is defeated in the Judiciary Committee today. 
If it wouldn't have stalled, the bill would have required ticket issuers to provide information on the number of tickets available.

The idea was to make the process more transparent for consumers, letting them know exactly how many tickets were up for grabs.

The apparent problem - too many tickets going toward promotions to businesses and media outlets.
Marketing director with the Mankato Civic Center, Eric Jones says, "A promoter comes in and he sets a certain amount of tickets aside for promotions, for giving away, for purposes other than for sale and everything else are tickets available to the public."

The Associated Press reports that StubHub backed the bill to combat perceptions that popular shows sell out quickly because they are snapping up tickets for resale at higher prices.

But venues, musical acts, and sports teams all say that is exactly the problem with the proposed changes.

Jones says, "The re-sellers and brokers can come in and they can look at the inventory we have available and then make decisions on how many tickets to buy, how to set the price. If the artist wants to come in and sell a $40 ticket and half the arena is up for sale on a broker's site for $80, then that's not the way the artist, the promoter, everybody that's involved with the show wants to present the show."

Similar battle lines were drawn back in 2011, when a bill was introduced to ban e-tickets, a process used to avoid resale.

It too ended up going nowhere.