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Southern Minnesota's Bilingual Transportation Workshop

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Miguel Sanchez works for a construction company in Rochester, but today he is learning about the different types of licensing needed to drive commercial vehicles. Sanchez says, "We came over to take advantage of this workshop."

Partnering with MnDOT and public safety officials, Chicano Latino Affairs council director Hector Garcia says they started the Bilingual commercial vehicle operator workshop because many Latino community members were unaware of the requirements needed to drive a commercial–grade vehicle.

Community Liaison Rebeca Sedarski says even licensed Commercial Vehicle Operators with weak English skills had a limited understanding of the rules and safety precautions. Sedarski says, "It benefits all of us in the community because all of us are safer."

She says the workshop makes our roads safer because the drivers are better informed.

Sanchez says, "Our country there is not a lot of work. There are more opportunities in this county and that's what we came here for."

Sanchez left Mexico more than 20 years ago for a better life. Sanchez says, "For the American dream."

A dream he hopes to attain thanks to the help he receives from programs like this.