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Production Begins For Feature Film On Suicide

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Actor Aaron Courteau lost a friend to suicide 6 years ago. "I would just let him know even more emphatically how much he means to me."

A survivor of suicide, he has a strong personal connection to the film, "Say Goodbye". Courteau says, "Have gone through it and having had no preparation at all, its really difficult not to blame yourself, blame the person who committed suicide and get no answers from that at all."

The feature film shows a family's attempts to move on after losing a loved one to suicide. A story about the survivors of suicide instead of what leads up someone killing themselves. Courteau says, "What lead up to it doesn't matter. He's gone. What matters is what I and his family and the rest of his loved ones and friends, how we move forward."

Even though the focus is on the family, producer Hamide Toradpour says the movie's main message is to choose life, no matter what. Toradpour says, "It's not always a choice always a choice for how you feel, but you always have a choice to choose life you always have a choice to you know what no matter how bad it is I'm not going to die."

He says suicide should never be an option and if his film can prevent even one person from taking their life, it all will be worth it.