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Mankato man rediscovers exercise

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After being in top physical condition, something changed for Mankato resident Patrick Wilson.

Business took over the former Californian's life, and work began to push aside his workout schedule. Combine that with bad eating habits, and as you can imagine, his health changed significantly too.

Now Wilson is rediscovering exercise and is in the process of re-shaping his body.

Lifting weights at the gym, Wilson thinks back to where he was just three years ago.

"I weighed 255 pounds, so it was very difficult to get around," he said. "I spent two years on and off in New York commuting from California, so almost 7 days a week, I ate out.

But things didn't used to be that way according to his wife Deanna.

"In his 30s, 40s, he ran marathons, he was pretty trim at that point in time," Deanna Wilson said.

But as time went on, Patrick saw his health take a turn for the worse.

"I became they started checking my blood sugars, they were afraid about me going into diabetes full-time," he said. "I had a fatty liver, and that was just due to all the fat I was carrying on my body, which became an issue for how my liver processed things."

Wilson's wife eventually took charge, and convinced him to come work out with her and her trainer, Jo Ann Radlinger about three years ago.

"He was overweight, no endurance, very weak," Radlinger said.

Patrick says he vividly remembers how his first training session with Radlinger went.

"She actually had cold compresses on my forehead and the back of my neck to keep me from passing out," he said.

"When Pat came to me, he seemed extremely defeated," said Radlinger. "It was basically just reawakening his body again...and his mind."

With new motivation, and healthy eating habits, the pounds began to drop, and the poundage in weight Wilson was able to lift began to increase Now the 61-year-old has taken part in various exercise competitions--gathering hardware in the process.

"I've done 2 more strongman events, there's another one coming up in July on my birthday," said Patrick Wilson.

Wilson says he is working to drop another 30 pounds before July Fourth.