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iPads In The Classroom

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Technology is making its way into almost every aspect of life, including the classroom.

This year is the pilot year for St. Peter's 'Saints Digital Learning Initiative' where bringing iPads into classrooms will be the norm.

The district has around 120 student iPads currently available on shared carts.  Next year, the district plans to purchase 400 iPad Minis for every ninth grader, and will continue to do so with every incoming ninth grade class.

Students can then use them for the remainder of their time at the high school.

District Technology Director for St. Peter Schools John Lustig says, "It's really built around student learning and making sure that when we put it in student hands, it's not about entertainment that it's really about engagement and being able to do things and bring students' learning to levels that with traditional materials we're not able to access."

The initiative costs around $175,000.  Students in all grades have access to the iPads.