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DEED Commissioner Visits City Businesses

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MANKATO, Minn. -

The commissioner of Minnesota's Department of Employment and Economic Development stops by to see what's working in Mankato. 
Katie Clark Sieben visited several companies in town, including MTU Onsite Energy, to get a sense of why Mankato has the second highest employment growth in the state.
Sieben says, "One impression that I'll leave with today is just how strong the supply chain is here. We visited six companies and there is a supply chain that exists among many of those companies."

Minnesota has fared well in the employment department, nearly in the top quintile nationwide.
And Mankato has fared even better.

A balanced approach, not having any one focus for the regional economy may be the answer.
Greater Mankato Growth's Jonathan Zierdt says, "You can see the supply chain physically in action. That sometimes feels less tangible to people, but it's real when you walk from one business to another. In adding the connectivity that we have in these relationships between businesses and business leaders - who they know, who they interact with and having those relationships statewide - those might seem below the surface as well, but they're critical to moving business forward."

Clark Sieben says Governor Mark Dayton 75 million dollars set aside in his budget for employment and economic development, adding that the Walmart site had utilized such funding in the past.