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Mapleton, Minn. -

English class is a lot more than just verbs and conjugations, and one teacher from Mapleton is letting his students get creative.

High school English teacher Jason Willis mixes technology with his curriculum.  Students were editing pictures to song lyrics today as they covered the element of theme.  "One of the reasons why I like being an English teacher is the creativity, you know, I can have the students working on visual aspects, I can have them working on, you know, writing, reading, interpreting things so there's a lot of flexibility with being an English teacher and so it allows me to do a lot of different projects" says Willis.

All that creativity means that every day is different.  "Every day is definitely not the same in my classroom.  Each day of the week we're doing completely different skill sets" Willis says.

Aside from English, Willis also stays busy leading a variety of clubs.  He is in charge of the National Honor Society chapter at Maple River High School, the speech team, and recently led his student team to states in Mock Trial, making him pretty busy.  Willis says, "That's what my life is kind of like; I have like everything scheduled from like seven until, you know, seven at night."  With such a full schedule, his kids still come first.

Maple River High School Principal Todd Griepentrog said, "It's really important to have teachers like Mr. Willis, especially what he does with the language arts kids in his classroom.  Lots of different activities, he weaves technology into what he does on a daily basis and it's just nice to have him here."

Congratulations Jason Willis on your Golden Apple Award.