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UPDATE: Semi Tips Over In Highway 14 Roundabout

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Traffic was blocked in a Blue Earth County roundabout after a semi rolled over in it Thursday morning.

Authorities say the driver was hauling a load of livestock feed at the time.

The Minnesota State Patrol says the truck driver was planning to take the U.S. Highway 14 Westbound exit while in the roundabout. However, officials say the driver came into the roundabout with too much speed. That caused the load to shift and the rig to roll onto its side.

That resulted in a significant amount of feed being dumped onto the road.

The state patrol says commercial drivers need to be extra careful when maneuvering their 18-wheelers through roundabouts, such as the one today's accident occurred on.

"The turning radius you have, you have to adjust your speed, they've (roundabouts) got these nice concrete aprons that allow these truckers to go up onto these so they can actually make the turns, but if you've got too much speed, even with these aprons, if your load shifts, you're not going to be able to bring it back, and this is exactly what's going to happen, you're going to tip over," said Trooper Daniel Anderson of the Minnesota State Patrol

The state patrol says the driver of the truck sustained minor injuries.

Authorities say they would like to remind all drivers to travel slowly through roundabouts in an effort to prevent crashes.