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Authorities Warn Wells Residents about Van Drivers Soliciting Children

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Authorities in Wells want people to be on the lookout for a red minivan after reports two younger males soliciting children.

Paula Billings says, "You don't expect this to happen in a small town."

A few weeks ago Paula Billing's son, who's in fifth grade, was walking with a friend when they were approached by two younger males in a red minivan offering them candy.

Billings says, "You're stunned it's like wow this is unbelievable you never think this would happen."

In this case, the kids made the right decision and steered clear of the two men.
Billings says, "As a parent it makes you feel good that they are listening to you when you sit down and talk to them about the "stranger danger" talk.

And that they do follow through. School officials have sent information home with students, and authorities have taken to social media to get the word out warning parents on Facebook.

Wells Police Officer, Tim Brenegin says, "It's something we take very seriously as a father myself I would be concern if my child was approached by individuals offering them candy. You can't be too cautious to get the word out."

While there's no criminal activity connected with the suspects. There have been three reported incidents involving the same red minivan approaching kids over the last few weeks.

Brenegin says, "We don't have any suspects. The kids all said it was a red minivan but we don't have a license plate number and we have a vague description, they didn't get a really good look other than that they were young."

Billings says, "He did know what to do and you're thankful everyday he followed the right steps."

The Faribault County Sheriff's office and the Well Police Department encourage anyone with information regarding this issue to contact authorities.