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Vietnam Milestone Honored in St. Peter

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Today marks the 40th anniversary of the U.S. military's pullout of Vietnam.

A memorial was held in St. Peter this evening commemorating the milestone, called the Last Man Club. 
William Harvey: I was in World War II, and then I was recalled for the Korean War. And then I went back to college after that, at 31 years of age, and came here to teach at St. Peter at 35. an old retread as it were.
During that time, the Vietnam War was on. The attrition rate was very high. Very high.
We lost 7 of our good students there.
It was the most difficult time. Especially when you hear about the death of a soldier. Death of a resident. Death of a student.
We grieved for them and many of their families were here today.
If you came out of World War II - it was a good war. Korea was... comme ci, comme ça... either way. But then the Vietnamese War left a terrible taste in many people's mouths.
Upon their return from the war, it was not a nice scene, as it were.
And it's healing now. The process is healing toward the Vietnamese War.
Man is always quarreling. Always quarreling. And will, I suppose, forever.