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New Bridge Perfect Place to Check Out Flowing Minneopa Falls

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MANKATO, Minn. -

This nice weather outside gave people the opportunity to check out the flowing falls at Minneopa state park—all from the parks new bridge.

Until recent rains, there hadn't been more than a trickle at the falls since last July. The new bridge was finished up in October, replacing the original concrete structure, which was more than 90 years old.

The DNR says Mother Nature had taken quite a toll on the bridge over the last several decades and for safety reasons it had to be replaced.

Minneopa Area Naturalist Scott Kudelka said, "The bridge deck was starting to corrode, starting to fall apart, and our railings were just not high enough."

The original bridge was built back in 1921 $2,200. Removal of the old structure and building the new one cost around $350,000.

The park was able to keep most of the arch structure, saving money and maintaining the iconic feature of the bridge.

Kudelka said, "I think when you take a photo of the bridge you see that iconic arch and I think that was really important and plus it wasn't in as bad of a shape so I think it also makes a big difference cost wise that we wouldn't have to replace the whole thing."

On Saturday June 8th, in conjunction with the DNR's state parks open house where you can get into parks for free, Minneopa will be rededicating the bridge starting at noon.