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Crime Down in North Mankato

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Data put together by the North Mankato Police department shows a big drop in crime throughout the city
The biggest drop comes from theft from motor vehicles. In 2011, 143 thefts from cars were reported in the city... in 2012, just 54... a 62% drop.

Home burglary was also cut in half, from 44, to 22.
North Mankato Police Chief Chris Boyer says, "North Mankato's a very close-knit community and when there are issues going on in the community they take ownership and they make sure they call in when something's going on."
While property crime is down drastically, personal crime did see a 9% up tick. The biggest increase came in the harassment and domestic assault categories, with domestic assault nearly doubling in 2012.
Chief Boyer says, "Working with CADA House and some of those resources can help. Early on when you first see problems like yelling and screaming. That can be very effective tool."