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NRA Outlines It Safe Schools Proposal

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The National Rifle Association announced its plan for school safety today, 3-and-a-half months after the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. It comes as Congress is wrestling with gun control legislation. The National Rifle Association wants to see armed security guards in schools. The nation's largest gun lobby is offering guidelines to state and local officials on how they can alter current laws to allow armed guards on school campuses.

It's part of what the NRA calls its comprehensive plan for school safety unveiled today in Washington. The NRA is also lobbying hard on Capitol Hill against new gun control laws. When Congress gets back to town next week the Senate is supposed to consider a bill that includes stricter background checks. President Obama is pressing lawmakers to keep the issue front and center and will visit a Colorado police academy tomorrow to drum up public support for new legislation. In Connecticut, where the Newtown school shooting is personal, lawmakers say they're about to PASS the nation's toughest gun control bill. It demands universal background checks for all firearms sales and expands the state's assault weapons ban. The vote takes place tomorrow.