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DeepFeet: A Twist on Ancient Ashiatsu Message

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Not everyone is comfortable with touching other people's feet, but what about a massage where the therapist uses their feet instead of their hands?

Massage Therapist Erin Howk said, "It's base on ashiatsu which is an ancient type of massage, but it has been westernized."

When Howk does DeepFeet Therapy massage she stands to the side of the clients, using the overhead bars for balance and her feet to massage.

Howk said, "I can lean of the side of the table and get the right angle to get some of these deeper muscles in the low back."

Not only does it give her clients relief, it also gives her relief.

Howk said, "It's is a very physically demanding job."

You might not realize that when she is working on your muscles, she is on her feet all day and really working her muscles too.

Howk said, "By the end of the day you are pretty worn out."

This lets her use the strength of her legs and gravity to her advantage.

Howk said, "Even though I am using the bars to hold myself up its still a lot less work on my body than if I was doing this with my arms and elbows."

Howk learned the technique at a class in Chicago, and is the first person in the area and one of just a handful in the state to perform the type of massage.

Howk said, "I knew as soon as I finished the class this was something I wanted to bring back to Fairmont and share with my clients."

Howk said while she wants her clients to feel luxurious she doesn't think massages should be a luxury.

Howk said, "I don't think that people should have to travel or pay Minneapolis rates to be healthy so I was very excited to bring it to this area of the state."

As for her clients, getting walked all over has never been so enjoyable.

Erin Howk practices at her Therapeutic & Stress Reduction Massage studio within Clancey Chiropractic in Fairmont. For more information on the DeepFeet therapy and other massage techniques, you can go to Howk's website at