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Bikers gearing up for the season

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MANKATO, Minn. -

It may be spring but there's still a chill in the air.

Even so, the vanishing snow has resulted in people gearing up for motorcycle season.

Business has been picking up at Mankato Harley-Davidson. Employees say bikers have been purchasing everything from new helmets to new rides. Even though the warm temperatures are taking awhile to settle in, store spokespeople say they've seen an uptick in customers at their business.

"Foot traffic has definitely increased, people are looking forward to spring, like I said they're getting ready to go, and they want to make sure that when it does get nice, that they're absolutely ready to get on their motorcycle and put the miles on," said Brent Busch of Mankato Harley-Davidson.

Busch adds as the temperatures keep getting warmer, you can expect to see more and more bikers hitting the pavement.