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Judge Denies Lowering Bail for Siblings Charged with Sex Trafficking

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MANKATO, Minn. -

A brother and sister charged with soliciting prostitution and sex trafficking in Mankato were back in court Thursday, both trying to get their bail lowered.

The judge denied a request to lower Lakisha Hinton's bail from $50,000.

Lemark Hinton's lawyer asked the judge to lower his $10,000 bail or release him outright, saying he wasn't there when the crime occurred.

The criminal complaint does acknowledge that he wasn't there for the latest situation, but alleges that he is involved with the operation, and provided his van for the crimes.

Both were arrested after what started as a false robbery report. Authorities say they were allegedly pimping out another woman.

That woman reportedly told police that Lakisha would force her to have sex with between one and eight men a day, and would beat her if she didn't cooperate.

Both suspects will have an omnibus hearing within 28 days.