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Springfield man accused of a sword attack

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A Springfield man is in jail after being accused of attacking a woman with a sword.

The incident happened late Wednesday night.

"And adult female called into dispatch and reported being assaulted by an individual with a sword," said Chief John Nicholson of the Springfield Police Department.

According to the criminal complaint, 22-year-old Ronald Wenisch is charged in the attack.

Police wouldn't disclose where the incident took place. However, a Brown County 'Calls for Service Summary' indicates Springfield police were dispatched to an assault at the same time as the incident was documented in the criminal complaint. The listed residence on the call log is 206 Van Dusen Street West.

Authorities say Wenisch forced his way into the victim's home.

"Officers responded to the scene and found a broken door at her residence...entered, found some blood droplets and then later located a sword with a larger quantity of blood around it," said Nicholson.

According to this criminal complaint, Wenisch admitted to kicking in the door of the victim's residence. Then after he was inside, police say he began to assault the woman with the sword.

"She was poked several times with it and then struck with it," said Nicholson.

According to the criminal complaint, police were informed by medical staff the woman's shoulder was sliced to the bone as a result of the assault.

Joanne Porter lives in an apartment in the same building as Wenisch and says he's an eccentric person.

"I've lived across the hall from him, he's been there...almost a year...he keeps to himself," Porter said. "He doesn't associate with anybody."

Porter says the attack Wenisch is accused of does not surprise her.

"No because he showed me every knife he had," Porter said. "He kept telling me all the time he had these knives."

Police say the incident is still under investigation.

"Some of the things that he (Wenisch) made reference to, is he commented...there was a Lisa and a Mike that had ridiculed him earlier, they were classmates of his, and he was looking for them," said Nicholson. "We believe he probably thought these people were still living at that house that he entered.

Wenisch is now facing felony burglary and assault charges in connection with the incident. He is scheduled to be back in court in Brown County on April 16.