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MN Bill Seeks to Require Radon Testing With Home Sales

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Minnesota law already requires new homes to be radon-resistant.

Now, they're looking at requiring a radon test for every home sale.
Minnesota has the bad luck to be located in a radon hotspot. While the radioactive gas is a problem in one out of 15 homes throughout the country... it's estimated to be as high as 1 out of 3 in Minnesota.
Dr. Stephan Thome, an oncologist with Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato says, "The problem with radon is that it can decay and cause radioactive particles to injure your lung and cause lung cancer."

Because of its unique nature, the prevention aspects of radon aren't in diet or activity or medication... it's actually in homes... making the real estate market the perfect angle in tackling the problem.
Realtor Mary Weller says, "Radon might be at your house and not at your house, vice versa. You never know where it's going to be detected. So it is a good idea for buyers especially when they make the offer to make it part of the purchase."

Behind smoking, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.... Estimated to kill about 21,000 people a year, and creating a unique partnership in combating health risks.

Dr. Thome says, "The first thing to do is not to smoke. And the second thing is if you buy a new home, sell a home - make sure you have the radon checked."