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Spring Planting and Snow

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MANKATO, Minn. -

While the calendar says spring, the weather for this upcoming week says differently.

The forecast calls for the possibility of accumulating snow Wednesday into Thursday.  If you have already started to plant, the snow will not be a concern.

The snow acts like an insulating blanket says gardening professional Sarah Johnson Malchow from Drummers Garden Center and will provide beneficial moisture.  Extreme cold, which we are not expected to get, is more harmful.

If you are unsure if your soil is ready, Malchow offers this advice, "The way you can gauge that is if you pick up a handful of soil and you squeeze it in your fist and when you let your hand go; if it stays in a ball, you don't want to mess with your soil or dig in it.  If it falls apart slightly, then that's dry enough to work with."

In addition to the snowfall, the forecast does call for much needed rain.