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Spring Warm-Up Comes Dust, Pollen and Allergies

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It can be a vicious cycle of unpleasant symptoms. Those who are susceptible to outdoor or indoor allergens may experience hay fever which includes having symptoms similar to a cold.

David Kuglin says, "Constant running and dripping and blowing the nose. I have to drink lots of water because of a sore throat."

The main allergen is tree pollen but experts say outdoor mold can also play a role, especially after the snow melts.

Dr. Vasan Ramanuja says, "A lot of people have come to tolerate nasal allergy symptoms and a lot of what I do is educate my patients, telling them it doesn't have to be this way there are things they can do to feel better so they don't have to feel miserable all the time."

Kuglin says, "Two weeks ago it was warm and cold and we kind of had that damp weather and I took a couple allergy pills a day. But now I haven't had many issues since it warmed up over the weekend."

Along with taking medications, Dr. Ramanuja tells his patients that an essential component to control allergies is environmental control.
Dr. Ramanuja says, "It's best to keep the windows closed in the home or car as much as possible during seasons that are bad for them and if they are spending time outside then washing the hair before bedtime it's helpful because it prevents allergens like pollen from depositing on your pillow."

Since last year was a milder winter Dr. Ramanuja saw patients a lot sooner than April. And this year he hasn't seen anything that suggest this year would be worse than previous years.