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North Korea Warns Foreigners To Leave For Safety

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North Korea is urging all foreign companies and tourists in South Korea to leave in case war breaks out. Some say it's a bluff, others, though, are worried. North Korea delivered its latest threat on state television - telling foreigners in South Korea to get out or risk getting caught up in a nuclear war. The North says it cannot guarantee the safety of foreign diplomats after Wednesday. Analysts in the region say a direct attack on Seoul is very unlikely. 

South Korean leaders say the only thing the North is launching is psychological warfare. But speculation remains high North Korea may fire a ballistic missile this week. Japan has deployed Patriot missiles around Tokyo and says it will shoot down any incoming missiles. 

The U.S. has placed advanced missile defense systems at American bases in the Pacific. North Korea has shown no clear sign of preparing its 1.2 million-strong army for war. Some observers believe the battle threats are designed in part to boost the image and military credentials of the country's young leader, Kim Jung Un. But the United Nations chief describes the tensions between the Koreas as "very dangerous" and said any miscalculation or misstep could create an uncontrollable situation.