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Mankato Clinic Expansion

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MANKATO, Minn. -

The Mankato Clinic has had pediatric services for over 60 years and starting later this spring, they will be expanding to a new building.

With ground breaking expected in late May or Early June, the new building will be built next to one of their existing buildings in the Wickersham Health Campus along Highway 22 and County Road 26 and will house their new Children's Health Center.

Steve Hatkin, CFO of Mankato Clinic, says, "We determined that pediatrics is one area where we continue to lead the community and that we could take them out of this building and establish our Children's Health Center and that would do two things, one, it would create a new environment for pediatric and adolescent children where they could receive care in a warm inviting environment, but it would also allow us some opportunities to expand services here."

The 56,000 square foot facility will be partnered with Gillette's Children's Specialty Healthcare and Pediatric Therapy Services that provides services and equipment.

Pediatrician Don Putzier says, "The families will really appreciate the new services because currently these families need to go to the Twin Cities or many miles away to other facilities so that they can get the adjustments that are required and the technology they receive.  They are going to love having this service close to home."

The project is estimated to cost around nine million dollars and the building would allow expansion to continue at a future time.  It would use lots of windows for natural light, fulfilling the philosophy of bringing the outdoors inside. 

Pediatrician Katie Smentek says, "There was a lot of discussion about what sort of design we wanted to use for the interior and we decided to make it accessible to every age, that we would use a nature theme and specifically a local nature theme."  Also in the proposed building, child sized toilets and dimly lit areas for adolescents who suffer from migraines.

With the building passing city council last night, next step is the bidding process.