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Golden Apple Winner Works With Deaf/Hard of Hearing

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Ann Vaubel says each child's learning process is unique, and her job is to teach language. Vaubel says, "Language is the key to learning. And whether it's spoken language or a visual language or sign language its still the key to learning. And I think its just so interesting to see how kids can develop spoken language."

A teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing, she prepares her students for kindergarten practicing speech, listening skills, and manners. Rosa Parks principal Rick Lund says, "She's favorite she has the patience of a saint. She knows what the students need. She knows how to work with them."

Patience, compassion, and 30 years of experience make her an excellent teacher, but friend Loree Brown says, Vaubel's students love her for one simple and powerful reason. Brown says, "Because she loves them. Because she loves them."

Everyday is different just like her student's, but her favorite part of her job will always be the same. Vaubel says, "When the light bulb turns on, it's just so much fun to see that. You know just, "Oh, I get it." And that's really rewarding."

Vaubel also coordinates several events including an annual weekend family getaway for children and their families to meet on an informal basis.