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Dealing With Winter Dragging On

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Kathy Ferraro says, "It's hard to believe it's April. It should be April 1st because it feels like a cruel April Fool's joke fromMother Nature."

While it certainly doesn't appear to be spring, the fluffy white stuff... well in this case "slushy" white stuff and colder than average temps have been a reality these last couple of weeks. 

And now people are starting to get antsy.

Ferraro says, "We're ready for warm weather, we're tired of it."

Michael Mulligan says, "I'm anxious for spring and short sleeves and all of that."

But today was an exception for MSU student, Michael Mulligan who spent part of his day plowing snow versus sitting in class.

Says, "It helps me out because I get a snow day off campus, so I didn't have to take a test but otherwise it's typicalMinnesota." 

Gregory Nelson says, "I think people start getting antsy in February."

Gregory Nelson is a licensed Psychologist at the MankatoClinic.

Nelson says, "Some people are blown away by this kind of day. They're fed up, they've had enough."

Ferraro says, "I absolutely have the winter blues."

His advice, don't fight things you have no control over the weather.

Nelson says, "If I have the perspective one of reality,I live in Minnesota and it snows in April sometimes even in May and I know that. Then that helps me dance with whatever comes my way."

Over at Tandem Bagels Sherica Johnson was busy studying but days like this don't bother her at all.

Sherica Johnson says, "I love it. I love winter and I hate summer. So I'm excited. I just don't like the heat."

But for some, they're looking for summer all the time.

Ferraro says, "I have a daughter that lives in Arizona.She went out there after high school and my husband and I are thinking about moving out there and this makes me a bit more motivated."

On the bright side only 70 more days until summer.