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Power Outage Hits Windom

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WINDOM, Minn. -

Nobles County and Worthington took the brunt of the damage yesterday, but another round of storms left Windom without power today.

The heavy snows put the entire city into cleanup mode, while they wait for power to come back. 
Downed limbs kept the town preoccupied throughout the afternoon, with residents cleaning up their own yards, and crews picking up the bigger messes from the morning snow.

Power went out around eleven, and besides the hospital, the only place still open was the local Hy-Vee.
Manager Dan Steenhoek says, "Waiting to hear from the utility company to see if they can get the back-up generator fired up today. Until then we're dealing with refrigeration issues at the store, trying to get everything loaded up on a refrigerated truck to make sure the product keeps. We've got enough power with out generators to run our cash registers and some emergency lights, but that's all we've got right now."

Workers with Windom Municipal Power and Light say they hope to get power back to town some time this evening.

Until then, residents will have to make do with the supplies available.

Steenhoek says, "I think we're about the only place in town open for business. They can come in here, get what they need and hunker down for the night."