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Death Toll Climbs In Texas Fertilizer Explosion

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West, TX -

Rescue workers in the central Texas town of West are searching for survivors of last night's fertilizer plant explosion. Early estimates put the death toll at 15 and 160 others injured, but those numbers could go up.

A fire at a Texas fertilizer plant that turned into a deadly explosion is still smoldering the morning after but authorities say it is under control.  Search and rescue crews are going door to door looking for survivors. The massive blast shook the ground with the force of a small earthquake, destroying nearby homes and businesses. One of the firefighters who was feared missing has been found. He is being treated in the hospital with serious injuries. 

A nearby nursing home had to be evacuated when the roof caved in. the wounded were taken to a high school football field that served as a triage center.

Eugene Horak and his wife managed to escape after the roof of their house collapsed. There's no word yet what caused the explosion. Federal and state investigators are on the scene. 

Authorities say in the aftermath of the explosion there has been a small amount of looting in the damaged neighborhoods. Red cross workers are assisting neighbors who lost their homes and a blood center that serves the area says donors are needed.