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Local Runners Recover, Vow to Return to Boston

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Now that they're back in town, two Mankato runners who competed in the Boston Marathon are reacting to the attack.

Cindra Kamphoff and Mike Thomas belong to a local runners club.

Both had finished by the time the bombs went off.

Kamphoff, also a sports psychologist, says the attack is affecting every runner differently.

"And I think you can expect, just, emotions. For me it was when we were on our way home as we were leaving Boston that was probably the most emotional day, whereas I know for other people we were with, the day it happened was the most emotional day."

But Kamphoff and Thomas are Boston Marathon regulars. She's run three times, he's run four.

And Thomas says nothing can keep them from running again.

"I can't wait to get back next year and I'm sure I speak for all the runners from Mankato, Cindra included. I'll be there with bells on and there won't be anything that will keep me away next year."

And they aren't the only marathoners who feel that way.

Organizations hosting upcoming races are saying registration is way up; that people want to run to show solidarity with Boston.