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MSU Expands Partnership with China to Include Ancient Artifacts

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MANKATO, Minn. -

MSU and their Chinese counterparts announce a major deal that will make the university the center of Oriental research in the nation.
MSU will become the hub for some 225 thousand pieces of ancient Chinese artifacts, some dating back eight thousand years.

President Richard Davenport was named an honorary curator of the museums that will soon exhibit and house the research.
Davenport says, "We'll do that by doing a lot of research around the country. The ones that have the best oriental research and Chinese, Asian research programs, will be the ones invited to participate. We'll review those universities and the credentials of their faculty to determine if they're going to be part of it."
Also announced today, China will open up airspace in May, and that change will allow MSU to begin their helicopter training program.
Chinese Aviation President Changdong Xu says, "China is just about to open airspace at 4,000 meters, which will open up helicopter aviation, which does not exist today. We're working on that area because Mankato and MSU have strong aviation programs."