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MN Unemployment Rate Higher For Veterans Compared To State Population

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MADELIA, Minn. -

Deb Grote joined the Air Force for one reason. Deb Grote says, "Because people told me I couldn't do it. And I wanted to prove them wrong."

Now a veterans services officer she's facing a new challenge, employing veterans. Grote says, "They're very loyal. They're dependable. They're the best employees you can have."

She says desirable traits like these are why historically the unemployment rate for veterans has been lower than the national average. However according to the federal American Community Survey, the unemployment rate for Minnesota's vets is nearly a percentage point higher than the state's population as a whole.

Grote believes Minnesota's veteran unemployment rate is likely due to the number of veterans in the National Guard and Reserve. Grote says, "I still believe that many employers thing that he or she would be the right person for the job, but they're going to invest a lot of time training them only to find out that they're going to be deployed again."

Beyond The Yellow Ribbon volunteer Mike Grote says deployment is a reasonable concern, however, the benefits of hiring a vet outweigh the risks. Mike Grote says, "But they find if they take care of the veteran before they're deployed, they get a better person when they come back.