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Waseca Family Asks For Help In Finding Missionary Pilot

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WASECA, Minn. -

Jerry Krause disappeared on April 7th. Krause's aircraft has two beacons capable of sending out signals. In case of a water crash, the only equipment capable of detecting the signal in deep water is located in Spain. His family has contacted numerous senators for help. The ones that have responded say the equipment and operation costs are too expensive. Sister–in–law Beth Krause says, "My first reaction of course is well, but we have the equipment so send the equipment. There must be some way we can go ahead with this."

Krause says time is also a factor because his beacon's signals will go out on May seventh.

There is also an a United Kingdom oil rig called the Tullow that has the ability to detect the signal. The family is asking for help from anyone who may have connections in Washington or with machinery capable of detecting 37.5hz pings at a depth of 12,000'. They are also asking people write letters to their senators asking for help. For more information on how to help go to: .