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Snow Days Adding Up For Many School Districts

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Waterville–Elysian–Morristown students who forgot to do their homework, or study for that test, could breathe a sight of relief Tuesday morning.

WEM superintendent Joel Whitehurst said, "It was going great up until about 2 months ago then all of these storms started to hit."

For the fourth time this school year, the district had to close because of snow. They've also had 8 late starts and 1 early dismissal.

Whitehurst said, "We are in the makeup mode, last day of school for students was to be may 29th, now we will go through school until June fourth, we will have four makeup days."

That's a far cry from last year. In fact, we talked with Superintendent Joel Whitehurst one year ago  and the district had only 1 late start.

Whitehurst said last year, "I put up my snow blower up a couple weeks ago so hopefully that doesn't jinx us, but it looks like we will fare pretty well until the end of the school year."

Last year he said student's felt robbed of one of the perks of living in the Midwest.

This year, not so much.

Whitehurst said, "They are very happy with the first 2–3, but now we are in the mode where we are going Monday and Tuesday the first week of June and they're not real excited about."

Whitehurst said snow days can also be hard on teachers, who are trying to keep on track with their lesson plans..

Whitehurst said, "You're trying to make the best decision, and you always try to air on the side of safety, you don't always make everybody happy but you make the best decision you can with the information you have available."

But at the same time, you can't really avoid them.

Plus, you can't mess with Mother nature.

Whitehurst said, "She dictates, she just have to learn to live with her and smile."

The strange weather has also been hard on extracurricular activities; at WEM, the Buccaneers haven't held a single baseball or softball game, and have only worked in a couple of chilly track meets.