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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against New Ulm Medical Center, Allina

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New Ulm -

An Iowa woman is suing the New Ulm Medical Center and Allina Health System over the death of her husband.

According to court documents, Karen Buls of Cresco is seeking 50 thousand dollars in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Buls states that in 2006, her husband Verlyn visited the emergency room the morning of October 25 with abnormally low blood pressure and an unknown skin condition.

He was put prednisone and discharged, but came back later that evening…where he collapsed and died.

The plaintiff argues that the hospital was negligent because they failed to perform appropriate follow–up evaluation and testing in the presence of abnormal vital signs... and risk factors for heart disease.

Trial began yesterday in New Ulm; it's expected to last five days.