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Lawn Service Companies Still Removing Snow

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MANKATO, Minn. -

While most of us are anxiously awaiting the warmer temperatures, many local businesses that depend on warm weather business are also waiting.

Lawn care companies are able to make money during the winter by removing snow.  But at the end of April, these companies should be fertilizing, not plowing snow.  With 17 inches of snow, it is the snowiest month of the season.

"Normally at this time of year we are fertilizing and aerating lawns," says Marv Kottke, President of Spring Touch Lawn and Pest Control.

Spring Touch Lawn and Pest Control has over 20 lawn care vehicles compared to only five snow plows, so from a business standpoint, they want it to warm up.  Kottke says, "I think long term; I think this weather is going to be helpful for our business.  The added moisture short term might be a little depressing, but I feel people can look forward to green, weed free lawns this year.  And this rain is definitely going to be beneficial and this snow that we've been receiving these last few weeks."

With all the water on the ground and in the soil, Spring Touch will have to wait until the ground dries out more before they can begin their spring projects.  Kottke says, "I would say realistically it would probably be next week.  We're looking at a few days to truly get rid of all the snow.  I've heard they've been saying 70° this weekend.  I think everyone's excited about that, so that would be wonderful if that comes to pass."

Underneath the snow, the grass is already very green.  

One consequence to all this moisture is the possibility of more mosquitoes, so make sure to try and eliminate as much standing water as possible, especially in clogged gutters.