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Sen. Al Franken Talks Immigration Reform

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As the discussion on bipartisan immigration reform continues in the senate, some senators have raised concerns in the wake of the Boston bombings since both suspects immigrated to the U.S. when they were young.

Minnesota Senator Al Franken says he doesn't think it'll stop the issue from moving forward.

"I haven't sensed a real change in the conversation since the tragedy in Boston, I really haven't. We all know our immigration system is broken, I think everyone in the Senate recognizes it's been a drag on our economy, there are very complex issues here and some compromises that need to be made."

Franken also says that some of the proposed reforms could benefit the Minnesota agriculture community, especially dairy farmers.

"Because they can't access guest workers program really because that program is only for seasonal agricultural workers. I think most Minnesotans know you can't milk cows seasonally. They get very cranky."

The bill was introduced to the full senate this week.